Chinese Guasha tool head massage therapy by Reiki master ( Discription) ASMR Relaxing C.C available

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    First of all let you know that this Gua Sha tools gifted by a massage tool company of China to Santosh (Indian massage) and we said Reikimaster to use this tools in his massages. And trust me guys, he used it very nicely and I felt so relax, this tools was giving very different experience compare to our hand made wooden Gua Sha tool. When Reiki master saw this tool at the first time, he said Tez, is this knife, I can't do massage by using this , it will harm your skin.
    He was not believing that it's a massage tool. He believed, when I showed him related video of this tool.
    Reiki master will be out of station for ten days, he left to Punjab two days back to his sister's home. Her sister lives in Punjab Ludhiana .
    I'm planning to surprise Reikimaster by renovating his shop with new paint and poster fan and more in his absence.
    And when he will come back , it will be exciting to see his reaction. Only I need to take permission from his father, if he will allow us than only Incan do this. So hope his father will allow and help us to make his son happy.
    So let me know , how is my plan.
    and if you have good and budget idea, please let me know . I will do it for him. Enjoy the video and. do not forget to subscribe the channel to get regular notification updates of my new videos and also do not forget to give your feedback
    thanks for watching and commenting on my video.
    Have a lovely sleep tonight
    tools - Guasha massage tool
    brand - Sokiss ( made in China)

    Goodnight and sweet dreams.
    Indian barber Tez
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